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hello! i am a 30-something year old witch living in the southern US, and i use it/its pronouns. i only recently started practicing, but it has become very important to me, so i do a lot of researching, thinking, and discussion about things. i am particularly interested in divination, mediumship/spirit/deity work, nature magic, and learning about various practices. i started taking an interest in magic after my partner passed away and i picked up his tarot deck. it was always something he did to comfort himself, and sometimes me, and it felt right at the time. i certainly needed the comfort then and it's something i've continually sought, to much fulfillment.

i initially approached tarot from a place of skepticism. i had always enjoyed listening to him talk about it and explain the cards he drew to me, but i had never attempted anything like that myself. i did intend to take pursuing it seriously, though, so in addition to my late partner's deck, i also picked up a rws clone (golden art nouveau tarot by giulia f. massaglia) and a book on tarot that appealed to me (holistic tarot: an integrative approach to using tarot for personal growth by benebell wen). wen's approach really resonated with me - she wrote about what she calls 'analytic tarot,' applying it practically to your life and using the archetypal human experiences baked into rws symbolism to solve problems. it's a good book, i recommend it for the in-depth cardcyclopedia if nothing else. i am still going through the paces of becoming more familiar with tarot, but since then i have practiced doing more intuitive work using the wild unknown deck (by kim krans), which was my late partner's, and i also picked up the wildwood tarot deck (by mark ryan, john mattews, & will worthington). tarot has certainly become special to me. the idea of having a universal human experience to draw from, that we are all connected in some way, is something i find deeply comforting.

from there, and after discussing it with people close to me, i expanded my research on witchcraft in general. a good friend sent me liber null & psychonaut (by peter j. carroll), texts that she found hugely influential in her practice, and reading them and discussing the text with her helped immensely with opening my mind. i started researching wicca, as there is a large amount of information on it readily available, and while ultimately that specific path is not for me, i did find both of scott cunningham's solitary practitioner books very informative. my style of practicing right now has a lot to do with studying different paths and types of practice and trying anything that sounds appealing or right, and then incorporating anything that resonates. i really enjoy taking walks through nature, and i have grown fond of identifying local plants and learning their various magical uses and correspondences.

as for the specifics of my spellwork and ritual practice, i will share those here as much as i feel like! magic and divine or spiritual connection are Intensely personal things, and the experiences i have may mean very little (or even nothing) to others, especially strangers. some of these things are also simply private matters. regardless, i will most likely document some part of my journey here, even if only through photos, so thank you for stopping by!

We must divulge to no one the works that we accomplish, for, as specified in our “Doctrine”, mystery is the exact and essential condition of all operations of science.
Dogma et Rituel de la Haute Magie by Eliphas Levi (The Ritual of Transcendental Magic, pg 15, PREPARATIONS)
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