about me

hello! i am a 30-something year old witch living in the south, and i use it/its pronouns. i only recently started practicing, but it has become very important to me, so i do a lot of researching, thinking, and discussion about things. i am particularly interested in divination, communicating with otherworldly entities, and general clairvoyance. i started taking an interest in magic after my partner passed away in january of 2022 and i picked up his tarot deck. it was always something he did to comfort himself, and sometimes me, and it felt right at the time. my practice has a lot to do with things that feel right, but that's not to say i don't attempt to approach it from a scholarly point of view.

i initially approached tarot purely from a place of skepitcism. i felt that the card meanings were typically broad enough to apply to most people. i still think that this can be true, and that tarot will not work for those who don't believe in it, but that's true of a lot of things. hypnotism is something that has been practiced on me before, and that i have found very helpful, but as far as i know, it's kind of mandatory to believe that it can work before you are able to experience it. tarot is a bit similar, in that you have to come with an inquiry and a belief that it could possibly be answered. if you don't, what's the point? i can talk more about my specific beliefs in tarot another time - suffice it to say, i thought maybe tarot was useful in getting to see a situation from a different viewpoint, but that was about it.

i did intend to take pursuing it seriously, though, so in addition to my late partner's deck, i also picked up a rws clone (golden art nouveau tarot by giulia f. massaglia) and a book on tarot that appealed to me (holistic tarot: an integrative approach to using tarot for personal growth by benebell wen). wen's approach really resonated with me - she wrote about what she calls 'analytic tarot,' applying it practically to your real world life and using the archetypal human experiences baked into rws symbolism to solve problems. it's a good book, i recommend it for the in-depth cardcyclopedia if nothing else. i am still going through the paces of becoming more familiar with tarot, but since then i have practiced doing more intuitive work using the wild unknown deck (by kim krans), which was my late partner's, and i have also picked up the wildwood tarot deck (by mark ryan, john mattews, & will worthington). tarot will always be my passion - i have long been intrigued by the idea of divination, but this particular practice has become special to me.

from there, and after discussing it with people close to me, i expanded my research on witchcraft in general. a good friend sent me liber null & psychonaut (by peter j. carroll), texts that she found hugely influential in her practice, and reading them and discussing the text with her helped immensely with opening my mind. i started researching wicca, as there are a large amount of texts readily available on it - maybe too many, as it's a bit hard to find much else recommended, haha. i did read both of scott cunningham's solitary practitioner books, which i found very nice, although i think the religious (and, tbh, overall) structure of wicca is not particularly for me.

right now i am mostly trying to build a foundation of knowledge and expanding my practice while simultaneously trying to keep some measure of focus. as mentioned, i have a special interest in divination and communication, which extends to interacting with an entity i will refer to here as Baphomet, though explaining who i think them to be would both exhaust a lot of time and effort, as well as not have any similar effect on someone who has not had my same experiences :-) i enjoy working with sigils and am currently using some of the books listed on my bookshelf page to work on creating my own spellwork and rituals. i have an ever-changing altar, as well as a grimoire i have just started, and i am documenting some of my journey here.

sigil by black cat path